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About Face
By Lauren Finney | December 20, 2018



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Taking the Field
By Kelsie Allen Barton | December 20, 2018


“I think I loved sports from birth,” says 20-something Atlanta native Taylor Bisciotti, who’s living out her dream as an anchor and reporter for NFL Network. Though she’s now based in L.A., the gorgeous...

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Diva Diaries
By Kelsie Allen Barton | December 14, 2018


“As a high-school student, I began curating retro-themed yard sales and even selling pieces that I picked to shops in Little Five Points,” says New Orleans-based Candice Gwinn, the force behind vintage-inspired...

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Marc-Antoine Coulon is Painting the Town Bright with Unapologetic Lines at SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film
Kelsie Allen Barton | November 30, 2018


Fashion illustration is having a renaissance at fashion weeks and...

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Mix Masters
By Kelsie Allen Barton | November 26, 2018

A sleek and simple home… decked out in street art? It may sound like a contradiction, but it’s the surprising blend of stark-white space with bold pops of color and whimsical illustration that makes the Old Fourth Ward residence of Davis...

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Paint the Town
By Ashton Pike | November 26, 2018

Art director and photographer, Tropico Photo, @tropicophoto; @michellenorrisphoto...

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Power Moves
By Kelsie Allen Barton | November 26, 2018


You may think you know him from the 2015 movie Dope or Netflix series The Get Down, but you’ve never seen 23-year-old Shameik Moore like this. This month, the Atlanta native takes on the groundbreaking role of voicing Afro-...

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Wake Me Up Inside
Henri Hollis | November 26, 2018

The ’90s comeback isn’t limited to fashion. What’s been seen as a forgettable era in American cocktail culture is being reexamined, and the resulting sips add sophistication to the fun-loving trends of an optimistic decade. Take the...

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Sweat-er Weather
By Amelia Pavlik | November 26, 2018


You’ll be good as gold with TURN Studio’s 45- and 60-minute classes. “We offer a variety of options including cycling, strength, yoga and hybrids like the Double Shot,” says Ashley...

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No Filter Necessary
By Irina Talty | November 26, 2018

Bright hues and a yellow neon sign that reads “It’s a Winky World” welcomes Atlanta’s makeup mavens looking to snap selfies and pose for posts inside Lenox Square’s new Winky Lux experience pop-up shop, where the...

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Eazy Does It
By David Hochman | November 26, 2018

Gerald Earl Gillum came to music by way of old-school favorites: Beethoven’s Fifth, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang.” Before he was known as the rapper G-Eazy, young...

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The 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans 2018
Produced and written by Kelsie Allen Barton and Ashton Pike | November 5, 2018

Savannah Morris
Model, MP Management
Age: 23 Insta: @...

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