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Open Season
By Julie Chernoff and Andrea Mills | May 15, 2018


Italy’s largest and perhaps most prolific furniture brand, Natuzzi, is bringing its high-end, sleek leather sofas to Chicago with its...

Fisk & Co. Chicago

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Mussel Man
Ariel Cheung | May 14, 2018

Mussels and beer: a concept simple enough, it just might work. At least, that’s the hope for Fisk & Co. executive chef Austin Fausett, whose Midwest homecoming after nine years in...

Miranda Rae Mayo

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Torch Singer
By Jim McFarlin | May 14, 2018


Miranda Rae Mayo had never set foot in Chicago prior to being cast as firefighter Stella Kidd in the NBC hit drama Chicago Fire, but she couldn’t wait. Her manager’s husband is a Chicago native, and she could feel...

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La Vita Bella
By Judy Giannetto | May 14, 2018


La cucina Italiana—lussuoso, elegante, minimalista. In other words, modern Italian kitchen design is all things luxurious, stylish and streamlined. And those qualities were exactly what Marlon Gilmore, a men’s...

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Act Two
By Thomas Connors | May 14, 2018


Plays don’t often open and close in one night. But when an onstage heart attack hit Stacy Keach at the premiere of the one-man Hemingway bio Pamplona last year, the curtain never went up again. “Naturally, I was devastated,”...

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Glam Stand
By Ariel Cheung | February 14, 2018


We won’t attempt to determine what caused it, but there’s no denying a rise in restaurants sporting massive chandeliers, glossy wood bars and velveted accents around Chicago. These beacons of grandeur pair...

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Safe Harbor
By Mike Espindle | February 14, 2018


Marigot Bay Resort & Marina by Capella should not be confused with a typical secluded Caribbean jungle and beach luxury resort—and that is by no means...

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Pitch Perfect
By Joel Reese photo by the chicago cubs | February 14, 2018


It was a gray, drizzly, nothing of a day at Wrigley Field. The date was May 6, 1998, and baby-faced rookie Kerry Wood was scheduled to take the mound for the fourth-place Chicago Cubs....

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Putting on the Ritz
Ariel Cheung | February 13, 2018

No matter how much time you spend at Torali Italian-Steak, you might leave wanting more. Whether it’s luxuriating in a lounge built for a modern-day Don Draper or sipping the...

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Good Sport
By Ariel Cheung | February 13, 2018


Exclusive footwear awaits at the new Adidas Originals Chicago—the largest Adidas Originals store in the world. “Everything about it exemplifies...

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The Write Stuff
By Joel Reese | February 13, 2018


Robert Kurson’s life seemed to be set: He had a law degree from Harvard and a partner-track position with a prestigious downtown law firm. Then he threw it all away to be a writer. “I hated law so much—I...

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