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Pick A Card, Any Card
By Thomas Connors | February 13, 2018


There was a time when seeing a bit of magic was as easy as grabbing a beer and a shot. In fact, the city was crawling with “magic bars,” nightspots—such as now-gone Schulien’s in North Center...

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Curve Ball
By Ben Rains | February 13, 2018


Howardena Pindell, the artist whose work will comprise What Remains To Be Seen, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s next big show, “provides another history of American...

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Son Rise
By Ari Bendersky | November 13, 2017


IT WAS ONLY a matter of time before Rich Melman, founder of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, would pass the torch of the restaurant empire he founded in 1971 with the opening of R.J. Grunts. Like the transfer of the crown from a king to...

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Well Manored
The Editors | November 13, 2017

IN SUMMER 2016, chef Jimmy Papadopoulos did a tasting for Boka Restaurant Group’s Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz that blew the restaurateurs away. The catch? The duo didn’t have a space for the talented chef. That changes this month with the...

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Raising the (Wine) Bar
By Melanie Rud Chadwick | November 13, 2017


The Press Room
Nestled in the heart of the West Loop, this 70-seat wine bar touts an extensive array of offerings sourced from...

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Silk Stalking
By David Zivan | November 13, 2017


YOU MAY NOT have known this, but bralettes are very hot right now. You, like me, may not really even know what a bralette is. But you, like me, may sometime soon find yourself with cause to purchase lingerie—here come the...

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Good Will Planting
By Andrea Mills | November 13, 2017


LESS THAN AN hour’s drive from Atlanta and even closer from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a movement is underway that’s putting the farm at the heart of the farm-to-table concept. “...

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Page Turners
By Drew Limsky | November 13, 2017


A Life in Pictures
Norma Stevens collaborated with Steven M.L. Aronson to record the life of a true 20th century photography icon in Avedon: Something Personal ($40, Spiegel & Grau...

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Dream Weaver
By Lisa Shames | November 13, 2017


THE ART OF letting go is something Paul Heyer knows well—literally. The artist often finds inspiration for his paintings in exploring what it means to be free from the limits of our physical bodies, including via dreams and the...

Pritzker Pavilion

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Eat, Drink & Be Merry
By Lisa Shames | August 21, 2017

1. House Rules Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in Hyde Park, one of the best examples of Prairie-style architecture, is stunning on its own. But Sept. 20, it gets even better when chefs Matthias Merges and...

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Words to Eat By
By Lisa Shames | August 21, 2017

First things first: Yes, The Publican’s signature chicken is included in Cheers to The Publican, Repast and Present ($40, Lorena Jones Books, an imprint of Ten Speed Press) coming out this fall. As are 149 other recipes...

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