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Renaissance Man
Thomas Connors | August 24, 2011

Talk about an eye for excellence. When Chicago investment legend Richard Driehaus isn’t managing the $8 billion under his watch at Driehaus Capital Management he’s generally doing one of two things: Pursuing his own aesthetic...

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Robin’s Hood
Matt Lee | August 24, 2011

You can’t get much more Chicago than actress Robin Tunney. The South Side native and star of CBS’ hit The Mentalist spent the first 18 years of her life here before heading west to make a name for herself in movies like The Craft...

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Be Here Now!
Ted Nederman | August 24, 2011

Where should you go? What should you order? What should you drink? Keeping pace with Chicago’s ever-expanding social and dining scene is dizzying. For your next big date, power dinner or cocktail hour, catch the buzz at these emerging hubs....

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The Breakfast Club
Lisa Shames | August 24, 2011

With its laundry list of documented health benefits, breakfast’s status as the most important meal of the day is hard to dispute. But there’s more to the first repast than just its feel-good possibilities. To wit: the power...

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The Collectors
Matt Lee | August 24, 2011

You can call them hobbies, passions or even diversions. When the workday is done, many Chicago men spend their free time pursuing an interest that enriches not only their lives, but also the city. We present a few Chicagoans taking their contagious...

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Playing the Playboy
Andrew C. Stone | August 24, 2011

Be it 1963 or 2011, people have always been fascinated by the concept of liberation. We’re simply hard-wired to crave freedom, despite the many forces within and outside of ourselves that attempt to corral us. This fall, NBC...

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The Builder
By Matt Lee | March 11, 2011

With his name on everything from TV shows to a brand of vodka, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Donald Trump isn’t just an omnipresent media personality: Trump, 64, is a brilliant real estate tycoon with a net worth of more than $2 billion...

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Old Town Favorite
By Peter Gianopulos | March 11, 2011

 Every so often, a confused soul—usually some Gen-Y blogger raised on a sad diet of Top Chef and Starbucks—saunters up to the mahogany bar at Gene & Georgetti and asks owner Tony Durpetti what his secret is. How...

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The Next Big Thing
By Elina Fuhrman | March 11, 2011

 “Every single day I thought I was going to die,” Aaron Eckhart says of the challenges filming this month’s eagerly anticipated Battle: Los Angeles. The picture, set in Santa Monica, might have been a big-budget...

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