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Music & Motifs
Sarah Bray | May 17, 2019


Fabric of Our Lives
Suzanne Tucker’s latest collection of textiles is a lesson in Bay Area history.

Suzanne Tucker’s projects span the country, yet its her hometown of San Francisco that...

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Rise of the Robo-Hotel
Matt Villano | May 15, 2019


Call downstairs. Order snacks and toiletries. Wait five minutes. Greet robot at door to retrieve items from a storage compartment in its head.

This is room service these days at the 122-room Hotel Trio in Healdsburg....

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Rooms With a View
Theresa Gonzalez | May 15, 2019


A Nob Hill apartment untouched for nearly half a century had two things going for it: a view of Grace Cathedral’s French Gothic towers and central spire on one side, and the San Francisco Bay and Coit Tower on the...

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A Hospital With Hospitality
Carolyne Zinko | May 14, 2019


A trip to the hospital for a trauma is difficult enough—sterile white surroundings and glaring overhead lights only add to the discomfort. So, patients and visitors at California Pacific Medical...

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Nicely Spiced
Laura Ness | May 10, 2019


What do you get when you combine the classic flavors of India—think matcha and ginger—with things like squid ink and gin infused with butterfly tea? Surprisingly, some very clever, exotic cocktails that invoke the culture and language...

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The Future Is Now
Connor Childers | May 9, 2019


As fashion and society shift toward a more casual condition, so too do our wardrobes. Everyday suiting is now rendered in state-of-the-art wools; the sneaker reigns supreme; and sports often influence fashion houses, resulting in high-...

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Meet the Makers
Misty Milioto | May 8, 2019


No one needs to be reminded that the Bay Area excels, especially in tech. But, just in case, there’s Maker Faire, returning May 17 to 19 at San Mateo County Event Center, to remind us....

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Rage Against the Machine
Jenn Thornton | May 8, 2019


With his newly released book, Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe ($28, Penguin Press), Roger McNamee—the venture capitalist and early investor in Facebook who mentored Mark Zuckerberg and...


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Plan Your Summer Friday To Bermuda
SARAH BRAY | May 8, 2019

Beautiful beaches and refreshing rum swizzles are just a short flight away this summer. Modern Luxury editor, Sarah Bray, maxes out her Summer Friday with a quick getaway to Bermuda. From the perfect...

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Triple Threat
Anna Dunn | May 7, 2019


It all hits you as soon as you step out of your private ride from Los Cabos International Airport: the Pacific breeze, the open-air lobby’s clean lines and cool art sculptures, the salutatory drink....

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Muy Delicioso
Misty Milioto | May 6, 2019


In My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions ($35, Lorena Jones Books), innovative chef and culinary trendsetter Gabriela Cámara shares 150 recipes of her simple yet sophisticated contemporary Mexican cooking. Cámara, who is the chef-...

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Bardo Lounge & Supper Club
Josh Sens | May 6, 2019


Deviled eggs are on the menu, but they’re deviled duck eggs, flecked with scallions and crackling duck skin—a fitting twist to a cocktail-hour staple. Co-chefs Anthony Salguero and Brian...

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