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The design for the new tower.

San Francisco: It's for starchitects now. That was the initial reaction to this week's announcement that... More»

San Jose is becoming the pride of Silicon Valley

We've all heard plenty about how San Francisco is turning into Silicon Valley. More surprisingly, a recently-convened panel of San Jose planners and city... More»

Rendering of the 3,100-unit, 15 building, $1.5 billion mixed-use mega-developmen

Even a bubble doesn’t exist in a bubble. As San Franciscans continue to grapple with a dizzying economic and real estate boom, we might find some... More»


Every day seems to bring new and terrifying ways to encapsulate just how screwed up San Francisco's real estate market is.... More»


If you can put together the down payment and qualify for a decent loan, buying a home is one of the best economic decisions you can make. In the long run,... More»


It feels like it's gotten so bad that the only people who can afford to buy mansions here are Danielle Steel and Mark... More»

Bernal Heights.

Way back in the innocent days of October of 2012, Salon founder David Talbot asked in this magazine, "... More»


George Lucas is one wounded wookie this morning, as his long hoped for museum in the Presidio faced another setback. The head of the National Park Service,... More»


Congratulations all around—it now seems impossible for any of us to afford to live anywhere. If it's not Oakland—... More»


It's official. The rent here in San Francisco is too damn high. We know it's true not... More»


If you thought the fight over 8 Washington was ugly, you ain't seen nothing yet. On October 18, Maximus Real Estate Partners filed an application... More»


Treasure Island sure is the site of some mysterious goings on lately. And while we aren't quite ready to call in Agents... More»