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This Baby Is a Dead Ringer for Steph Curry and He's Just OMG

The Warriors may be losing, but "Stuff Curry" is winning the internet.


You guys. This baby looks so much like Steph Curry, and he's got the Instagram account to prove it. If you're still reeling from the Warriors' back-to-back losses (and who isn't?), this is a good place to spend the day.

Before he became his own internet phenom, Landon Benton was a typical baby with doting parents in Quincy, Illinois, ESPN tells us. When someone quipped "Stuff Curry" in a Facebook caption, mom Jessica Benton was worried it might be a mean comment (Landon is a healthy weight, per his pediatrician!). A Google search quickly cleared that up, and before long, Jessica and husband Tommie Benton were setting up photo shoots every day to, er, stuff the Instagram account, and fielding excited selfie takers at the supermarket. Now little Landon is even receiving swag from IRL Curry sponsors in the mail (hey, Under Armour) and has nabbed his own custom "Stuff Curry" Warriors jersey. He is still working on his three-pointer, however.

All this bubbling attention has led to calls for a meetup between Riley and Landon, but come on. She's not a baby anymore! Obviously he's much more Ryan's speed.


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