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Dianne Feinstein Is Ready to ‘Fight, Fight, Fight’ the Trump Administration—But Hates the Word ‘Resistance’

“My view is you work with him where you can and you oppose where you can’t.” 

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San Francisco magazine and This Golden State podcast are collaborating on “The Resistance,” a portfolio devoted to the agitators, political leaders, and change agents who are fighting the incoming Trump administration on all fronts. San Francisco’s February issue will be devoted to the Resistance, with audio interviews conducted by veteran broadcast journalist Randy Shandobil, host of This Golden State. We’ll be posting Shandobil’s interviews online as they become available. 

Get Senator
Dianne Feinstein on the topic of the incoming Trump administration and she sure sounds like a field commander. “Senator-elect Harris and myself, we will fight, fight, fight for those issues that are important,” she tells This Golden State podcast’s Randy Shandobil, ticking off everything from immigration to energy and climate change to labor laws. But is DiFi leading the capital-R Resistance? Not so fast. “The issue of resistance is so broad. Would I resist repealing Obamacare? Yes. Would I resist making certain amendments? The answer is yes,” Feinstein says. But: “Most things have fine edges to them. Resistance is wholesale; it’s across the board.”

All this may sound like a distinction without a difference. Yet for Feinstein, the Trump presidency looks like a series of well-defined battles, not an all-out war. “My view is you work with him where you can and you oppose where you can’t,” she says. The reason? Pure, boring pragmatism. “People want their business to get done,” she says. “They want appropriation bills to get passed. They don’t want the government shut down. We have to find ways to get the right thing done.”

Asked whether the minority party can do anything to block Trump’s expected assault on—just for instance—environmental protections, Feinstein doesn’t hazard a guess. “We’ll have a big fight on our hands, there’s no question about that. Whether we can win it or not is unknown at this time.” To most of us on the ground, then, the battle and the war may be indistinguishable.


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