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How Much Would You Pay for Steph Curry’s Mouth Guard?

The NBA's Most Valuable Mouthpiece could be yours for a princely sum.

Steph Curry's mouth guard. (Not actual size.)


If you hated Steph Curry’s new dad shoes for Under Armour, the universe is offering one more chance to own a piece of the two-time Warriors MVP’s lore. Curry’s mouth guard will go up for auction on August 3, making it in all likelihood the most valuable piece of chewed-up plastic in the league. SCP Auctions acquired the mouth guard from a fan “who picked it up off the floor near the Golden State Warriors bench after a game this season,” as ESPN reports. No word on what species this fan was.

The mouth guard bears the Warriors logo and Curry’s name and number, which is exactly the kind of proof we’d demand if we were about to drop a wad of cash on used dental protection. How big a wad? SCP vice president Dan Imler told ESPN that he expects the mouth guard to sell for at least $5,000. That’s not as much as the $6,700 that a Muhammad Ali mouthpiece commanded in 2013, but, hey, Steph’s still young!

Then again, given how often he changes his mouth guard—every three or four games—it’s possible the market could be flooded later by enterprising bench-loitering fans. And there’s no telling which games this particular mouth guard is from, so bidders are definitely flying blind here.

But if it’s from the now-legendary come-from-behind road win against Oklahoma City (Bang! Bang!), we take it all back, sold.


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