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Seven Impertinent Questions for the Mayoral Candidates

The four leading contenders answer our not-quite-essential questions.


Describe the Salesforce Tower in six words.
Angela Alioto: It’s way too high for me.
London Breed: Please don’t make me say it!
Jane Kim: Second-tallest building in the West.
Mark Leno: The glass tower is finally constructed!

When Peter Thiel moved to L.A., I felt…
Alioto: ...nothing.
Breed: ...pretty sure Robert Mueller could still find him there.
Kim: ...nothing.
Leno: ...he would have a better chance of seeing his BFF Donald Trump.

“Frisco” or “San Fran”?
Alioto: Oh, please. Neither nor. It’s “San Francisco.” On that I’m adamant.
Breed: Neither. “The City.”
Kim: If I had to pick, “Frisco”!
Leno: One cannot improve upon “San Francisco.”

As mayor, what holiday would you establish?
Alioto: October 4, Saint Francis of Assisi’s day. He’s the patron saint of the city, after all.
Breed: International Day-After-Bay-to-Breakers Day.
Kim: Election Day! So people can vote without missing work.
Leno: I already instituted Harvey Milk Day. For my next act, I’d love to see an annual San Francisco Day of Action.

Best set-in-San Francisco movie?
Alioto: Probably Bullitt, since I was on the scene with Steve McQueen at the giving of the Hunters Point pool for the kids in exchange for being able to film it here.
Breed: The Rock
Kim: A View to a Kill was the first Bond fit I saw in the theater—it had Grace Jones and was set in San Francisco!
Leno: Vertigo.

What's your best celebrity-in-S.F. sighting ever?
Alioto: I saw Sharon Stone getting out of her car on Market Street, and I went up to her and said hello.
Breed: Denzel Washington. I’m still waiting for Brad Pitt, though.
Kim: Standing behind Draymond Green and Steph Curry at an Obama event at the Warfield in my district.
Leno: Frances McDormand and her hubby, Joel Coen, holding hands.

St. Ignatius–Sacred Heart high school football: Who ya got?
Alioto: St. Ignatius. My kids went there, my brothers went there, my granddaughter. Plus I’m Franciscan, and Ignatius was a Franciscan before he founded the Jesuits.
Breed: Galileo, my alma mater! Go Lions!
Kim: I'm rooting for both sides to have fun and do their best. That's the San Francisco spirit.
Leno: Sacred Heart! I root for the underdog.


Originally published in the May issue of San Francisco 

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