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The Democracy Issue

What's really at stake, from the Bay to the Beltway.



American Dreamer
Gavin Newsom is taking some huge risks in his quest to become governor in 2018. But a political player’s gotta play. A conversation with California’s most ambitious Democrat. By Jon Steinberg


The Lonely Life of the Bay Area’s Only Republican Lawmaker
State representative Catharine Baker tries to survive a GOP apocalypse. By Randy Shandobil

The Gangs of City Hall
After a few years of relative quiet, San Francisco’s progressives and moderates are at war again. May the sharpest elbows win. By Joe Eskenazi

They’re with Her
Little Hillaries are ready to take on the world. By Lauren Murrow


How Lame Is Life as a San Francisco Republican?
This is a tough town for conservatives—whether the candidate is John McCain or Donald Trump. By Chris Roberts

Which Ms. Harris Will Go to Washington?
Kamala Harris has been cautious and reticent as attorney general. As a U.S. senator, she’ll be the same—probably.
By Chris Roberts

Is San Francisco Still America's Most Liberal City?
An answer in three charts. By Lamar Anderson

Who’ll Win the Year’s Biggest Political Rematch?
Vote Trek II: The Wrath of Khanna. By Scott Lucas

Why Are These People Running?
They don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. But the longest shots say it’s worth running anyway.
By Elise Craig

What Do You Do When Hillary’s Coming to Dinner?
These aren’t your typical dinner parties: They’re highly choreographed affairs with their own rules and protocol. Here’s how it all unfolds. By Lamar Anderson

Deadheads for Trump?
Win, lose, or draw, Pandora’s making bank this election. By Ian A. Stewart

Who’s Waiting in the Wings?
Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are challenging Fidel Castro for political longevity. But someday they’ll bow out. Who’s likely to replace them? By Andrea Powell

Pols—or Metaphors?
What these congressional candidates represent is as significant as who they are. By Andrea Powell

Meet Hillary's Biggest Bay Area Backers
Whose bulging wallet is that? By Caitlin Harrington

What Happens to Us if—Gulp!—Hillary Clinton Blows It?
Welcome to Trumpifornia! By Scott Lucas

Originally published in the October issue of
San Francisco  

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