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The Resistance Issue

Can an urban center buck the direction of its nation? We’re about to find out.


The trajectory of the next four years isn’t known to any of us. We can’t predict whether Donald Trump will be the worst, most malignant version of himself—the bizarre, sneering, volatile, indignant man he often was on the campaign trail (and still is on Twitter)—or the better, kinder, more humane Trump his voters imagine him to be. We don’t know. We don’t know. We don’t know.

However, we can ascertain from his cabinet selections that he is not looking to forge a middle road. His election was a blunt rejection of an overwhelming majority of the voters in metropolitan America, and it stands to reason that his policies will follow the same punitive course. And so most of us in the urban Bay Area are left with little choice: Either we roll over, or we resist. The 43 individuals photographed by Jason Madara and George McCalman on the following articles have all resolved, in their own ways, to do the latter. You can read about some of their plans in senior editor Joe Eskenazi’s report “When a City Fights a Country”. You can listen to many of them talk strategy on veteran broadcaster Randy Shandobil’s This Golden State podcast, found on iTunes and at And finally, you can devise your own efforts by giving time or money to the organizations listed in “The Citizen’s Guide to Revolt”. Nobody knows what the Trump Age holds in store. But the time for blind hope is gone. The time for action is now.


“We Will Not Compromise”
Forty-three Bay Areans preparing to take on the president, come what may. Portfolio by Jason Madara and George McCalman

When a City Fights a Country
Surely, the deck is stacked against urban America. But we have tricks of our own. By Joe Eskenazi

The Citizen’s Guide to Revolt
A highly selective, totally subjective list of ways to battle Trumpism right here in the Bay Area. Edited by Lamar Anderson

From Berkeley to Breitbart
He is the most consequential countercultural fi gure to come out of UC Berkeley since the Free Speech Movement. And he just helped get Donald Trump elected. By Scott Lucas

Rainbow Warriors
What the leaders of the original gay rights resistance—seen this month in ABC’s miniseries When We Rise—can teach the new progressive agitators about love and war. By Gary Kamiya

Originally published in the February issue of
San Francisco

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