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The Sunset Is the Most Competitive Neighborhood for Homebuyers in the Nation

It's like The Hunger Games, but with surfboards.

The inner Sunset District.

The inner Sunset District. 


Buying a home in the Sunset District is more competitive than finding a parking spot near Rainbow Grocery. It’s more competitive than landing a spot for little Sebastian and Aubrey at an organic, free-range, STEM-focused preschool. It’s certainly more competitive than the 49ers have been this season.

It’s the most competitive neighborhood in the country. Not just San Francisco. Not just the Bay Area. The nation. It’s basically The Hunger Games out there, but with surfboards. A fog-shrouded, kinda boring Hunger Games.

That’s according to real estate firm Redfin, which just released a ranking of the most competitive neighborhoods for homebuyers in 2014. Using data on home offers that encountered competition and percentage of homes that sold above list price, it found that San Francisco’s western, fog-shrouded region topped the list of the 30 most competitive housing markets in the last year. Of the 455 homes sold through Redfin last year, 54.2 percent had multiple offers (averaging 5.5 offers per home) and 87.9 percent sold above asking price. 

Close behind in number two in the overall rankings was the Castro, in which 52.9 percent of homes had multiple offers and 84.6 percent sold above asking price. Go ahead and weep for Bernal Heights—that was the third hottest market in the study, with 58.1 percent of homes receiving multiple offer and 78.1 going above asking price.

Trailing those three were Jamaica Plain in Boston and Silver Lake in Los Angeles, followed by Alamden Valley in San Jose, Ardenwood in Oakland, Cambrian Park in San Jose, and neighborhoods in Seattle and Boston rounding out the top ten. 

So when you go home tonight on the N Judah, look to your left and then look to your right. Only one of the three of you are making it all the way home. Good luck—because Katniss is looking at a nice bungalow on 19th Avenue right now.


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