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What to Drink with your Smoke and Char

Dustin Sullivan, Fog City’s lead barman, has some thoughts on this.

Fog City's boulevardier

Fog City's boulevardier

If you want wine: “Smoked fish like salmon or trout absolutely loves a brut rosé—something dry with gentle yeasty notes, like Scharffenberger. For a rib eye, you can’t go wrong with a cabernet. Producers like Obsidian Ridge in Lake County are making fantastic cabs right now at a fraction of the price of Napa.”

If you want beer: “Amber beers are a natural pairing with roasted, caramelized, and grilled flavors. Fat Tire is such a well-balanced, workhorse beer.”

If you want the hard stuff: “To really wow your guests, mix them a boulevardier cocktail—the warm caramel notes from the bourbon, balanced by the acidic sweetness of the orange, make a perfect counterpoint to the smokiness of the dish. It’s like the rib eye of cocktails.”


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Originally published in the March issue of San Francisco

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