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What Is Steph Curry's Face Doing on These Bags of Heroin?

Thus concludes a very bad week for Steph.


As if Steph Curry weren't having a bad enough week already, on Tuesday his face turned up on these bags of heroin in Philadelphia, a haul spotted by Thomas J. Nestel III, chief of police for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. "Thinking Steph Curry wouldn't be happy that he is this week's brand for heroin in Philly. cc: @StephenCurry30," Nestel tweeted

We can't really figure this one out. Is it some kind of terrible shooting metaphor? And why Philly? Don't that city's drug dealers have their own NBA team to tarnish? 

Curious about whether these baggies have been spotted closer to home, we reached out to the Oakland and San Francisco police departments. Oakland isn't answering their phone, and in San Francisco, we got a chilled, "I'm sorry, we can't answer your question over the phone like that" from Vinnie, the person who picked up the media relations line, who declined to give her last name. Vinnie suggested we send an email so that the team can "research" our question. 

Remember, kids: Even if you see the face of someone awesome on a bag of dope, you don't want to touch it. Even from 38 feet away!


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